Digging deep to get to the root cause

1155Think of your health as a tree:


The Branches – Represent many of your different symptoms 

                           – Branches are connected just as your symptoms are connected



The Roots       –  Represent the TRUE cause and source of your illness


An example of this would be a patient who has low back pain resulting in depression, fatigue, pain, irritability and insomnia. The “root” of this persons’ illness is the low back pain, since this is the cause of the rest of his symptoms. The “branches” are the various symptoms resulting from chronic low back pain.

There are times when I will treat the branch – however, whenever possible, I will focus on treating the root of disease. I feel that this allows for true healing to occur and for longer lasting results.

My goal is to help you feel and live your best!

I am  relentless in pursuit of your health, behaving more like health detectives to uncover the why leading to lack of optimal health. Chinese Medicine is often the treatment of last resort when patients have exhausted all conventional medical approaches. After digging deep to identify the root cause, we will work together to develop a road map to health using my proprietary integrative approach to healing. Lifestyle interventions are implemented, immune system boosted and inflammation reduced to aid optimal health progression. I will support you every step of the way, motivating and inspiring you while at the same time meeting you where you are at along your healing journey.

Ancient days meets modern ways – to bring your body and mind back into balance

I take a holistic approach to health. I combine:

Ÿ- Advanced lab testing, knowledge and expertise of modern science and medicine

Ÿ- Herbs, stress relief techniques, exercise nutrition, supplements and nutritional support

Ÿ- Ancient wisdom and natural healing techniques

I help you to heal yourself

I aim to remove any systemic blockages and to move you from the sympathetic (stressed) to the parasympathetic (relaxed) nervous system.  When the body is relaxed it can heal itself. I want to ensure that you feel good, look good and have loads of energy.