ronel koala 2About Ronel Corbin

‘My journey as a healer began at the age of 8. I knew I wanted to dedicate my life to helping people to heal, restore balance and lead more optimal lives. I believe that health and wellness is the foundation to a fulfilled, productive and happy life. I have an insatiable curiosity to help people to heal, which motivates me to find a solution to each and everyone’s health concern……I simply don’t give up on my patients…. …….I want to help YOU be the healthiest version of YOU!’


Your Physician – Ronel’s Professional Story

Ronel Corbin, is a Chinese Medicine Physician who has been in the Holistic Health & Wellness field for more than 24 Years.

Nationally Board Certified in both Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine, she holds degrees in Natural Health Sciences and Doctor of Oriental Medicine and is Florida licensed as an Acupuncture Physician under Chapter 457 as a Primary Care Provider with the Florida Department of Health.

Ronel’s extensive training is the cornerstone for her integration of modern techniques with traditional methods. Her relentless pursuit to helping others heal has led her to study a variety of integrative holistic therapies – with additional qualifications in Chinese Medicine, Herbology, Functional Medicine, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Polarity Therapy, Clinical Aromatherapy, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Nutrition, Laser Therapy, Somatology, Paramedical Skincare, Ayurvedic Medicine, Therapeutic Massage, Skin Health & Disease and much more.

Ronel finds endless inspiration in ancient healing philosophy and holistic medicine, and has over 5,400 hours of study in the field of Natural Holistic Medicine – 3,000 hours of training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, 2,400 hours of Somatology training in the scientific study of the body with specific focus on health and skin care. She is continuously expanding her knowledge and skills with post graduate seminars, training and reading to refine her techniques to help people to heal faster and with longer lasting results.

In recognizing that each person is an individual, with their own unique predispositions, physiological strengths and weaknesses – Ronel is able to identify the root cause of the health problem and draw from different treatment modalities to tailor-make an integrative treatment program that best suits her patient’s needs. Just as a chef uses different spices to flavor a meal, she will develop a unique treatment “recipe” for each patient drawing from any one or combination of healing modalities that she is trained in. No treatment is the same as it reflects the constant evolution of our bodies journey towards health at any given moment.

But that’s enough about me……lets talk about YOU!


Summary of Qualifications

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Ronel has demonstrated her dedication to the practice of Holistic medicine through extensive graduate education and training.



3000 hrs of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

-Four year program completed in three calendar years. Training in both Traditional Chinese               Medicine and Western Medicine.

Ÿ2400 hours of Somatology – including:

-191 hours over 2 years of Clinical aromatherapy

-100 hours over 2 years of Reflexology




Current Licenses and Certifications

Some of her academic and professional accomplishments include:

 Specific to Chinese & Functional Medicine

  • DIPLOMAT OF ORIENTAL MEDICINE – NCCAOM (National Commission For Certification Of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine)
  • MASTERS DEGREE IN ACUPUNCTURE – Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine
  • BACHELORS DEGREE IN HEALTH SCIENCES – Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine
  • CERTIFIED IN CHINESE HERBAL MEDICINE – Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine
  • Clean Needle Technique Certification – Council of Colleges of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
  • Basic Life Support for Health Providers
  • Adult First Aid/CPR/AED
  • Dr Tan Balance Method – Core Foundations by Dr Richard Tan
  • Master Tung Method – Basic, Part 1,2,3 – World Tung’s Acupuncture Association
  • Extraordinary Vessel Clinical Training & Certification Program – NSEV Healing
  • Advanced Japanese Acupuncture & Moxibustion – Kiiko Matsumoto trainer Monika Kobylecka
  • Fundamentals of Functional Blood Chemistry™ – developed by Datis Kharrazian
  • Mastering Brain Chemistry™ – developed by Datis Kharrazian


Specific to Holistic Health & Skin Care Health

  • SOMATOLOGY DEGREE – Stellenbosch Academy of Health and Skin Care Therapy (Isa Carstens)
  • CIBTAC – Confederation of International Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology
  • ARD – Advanced Research Diploma
  • CIDESCO – Comité International d’Esthétique et de Cosmétologie
  • SAAHSP – South African Association of Health and Skin Care Professionals
  • AYURVEDIC MEDICINE for wellness practitioners- UK


The most important investment you can make is in yourself.

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